Do stud finders work on plaster walls?

If you have gypsum and river walls at home, then you can hang on them a lot of any non-heavy objects. But if you want to hang something heavier than 10 pounds, for example, a large mirror or TV, then you need to find a stud in the wall. To do this, you do not need to spend money on a special tool and buy a best stud finder. You can use old tricks that are time-tested.

The first way is to tap the wall.

When tapping on an empty wall, you will hear a more sonorous sound. In the same place where the stud will be located, the sound will be deafer. Tapping along the wall you can find studs without special tools. The distance between the studs is usually 16 inches.

Find the electrical box

This is also a very simple trick that does not require the purchase of special tools. If there is an electrical box on your wall, then pull it out and look or feel where the stud is. When you take out the box, observe the safety precautions to avoid getting an electric shock. Then from this stud measure 16 inches and there will be the next stud. So you can calculate the location of all the studs in the wall.

Use a magnet

MAGNET-Hard-DriveAnother simple way is to use a magnet. This method works flawlessly. The essence of the method is that even if you do not have metal studs inside the wall, the magnet will still detect nails in the wall. These nails are nailed wooden lath to the stud. To do this, tie the magnet to the thread and smoothly run it along the wall. A magnet from an old hard drive is very good here. Inside of them is neodymium magnets, which are much stronger than ordinary magnets.With such simple tips, you can save 20-50 dollars.